At our core, SSMRC is a production, development, and exploration company with an ambitious vision. With high-quality flagship projects in the U.S. and Mexico, SSMRC presents a new silver horizon for the North American silver industry. 

We are currently focused on the production and continued development of the Cerro Los Gatos Mine and the advancement of our 100%-owned Sunshine Complex. These projects are located in two of the world’s premier silver mining regions. Based on a 2018 survey published by the Fraser Institute, Idaho and Mexico are highly ranked among silver mining jurisdictions worldwide in terms of the attractiveness of investment. Both of these jurisdictions have a long history of successful mineral development and mining due to stable political, tax, and regulatory policies.

Operations Highlights:
  • Achieved commercial production at Cerro Los Gatos
  • District scale growth potential at the Los Gatos District
  • Additional growth opportunity at the Sunshine Complex
  • Projects located within premier silver mining regions in two of the world’s most politically stable and mining-friendly jurisdictions